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              Software Interface
              Product Name:Staray-A DR Detector
              Product Description:

              Advanced Technologies:
              Large imaging matrix of 4096×4096 or 3056×3056
              Great imaging area of 43×43cm meets most clinical diagnostic needs
              16 bits dynamic range ensures great image clarity
              High spatial resolution of 4.0 LP/mm or 3.4 LP/mm for great details

              Small and light
              Staray-A is one of the lightest CCD based DR detectors available today. It’s light weight reduces the demand on the strength and the stabilty of the stand It let your DR stand operate more quietly and smoothly. When using Staray DR detector, all common stands can be used, no need for a specially designed and strong stand.

              Long lifespan
              Staray-A is a CCD based DR detector that has a much longer lifespan than the one of all existing flat panel DR detectors (FPDs). Under the frequent, direct and unavoidable radiations of X-ray, some sensitive electronics in FPDs may easily be damaged over time. Every 2-3 years, FPDs must be serviced or replaced. Therefore, the maintenance cost of FPDs is very high. In contrast, Staray detector protects its CCD sensor and sensitive electronics from any direct radiation of x-ray by design. Hence, it enjoys a much longer lifespan.

              Very high performance to cost ratioStaray
              DR detector offers similar image quality as the one from FPDs. But its initial acquisition investment as well as its maintenance cost is much lower than FPDs. Therefore, Staray DR detector has actually the highest performance to cost ratio comparing with FPDs and any existing CCD based DR detectors.

              High compatibility of network interface
              Based on DICOM 3.0, seamless connection with RIS/HIS/PACS

              Best Choice
              With its highest performance to cost ratio, Staray DR detector is the best choice for upgrading your existing analog film based x-ray machines and the most logical choice for DR manufacturers


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              Company:Mednova Medical Technologies Co., Ltd        Address:677 Binkang Road, Hangzhou, China
              Postal Code:310053      Web:www.mednova.com.cn       
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